Podcasting for Trainers Certificate:
Design to Delivery

A Series of 4 Online Sessions Starting October 8, 2024

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Certificate Overview

Certificate Overview

Podcasting has become an accepted and effective way to provide and consume self-paced, personalized training and development content, largely because its efficient and portable content fits easily into our busy lives. This certificate offers concrete approaches for bringing each of the elements of great audio and video podcasts together. You will learn to design, develop, and publish your very own podcast on any budget (even zero). It also addresses important nuances in the process including interview techniques, podcast branding, effective marketing strategies and how to produce an internal podcast for your company. You will complete this certificate with your podcast recorded, edited and posted on your very own podcasting site.

Bonus Items:

  • Receive a podcast checklist to help you and create your podcast and key points to remember for you to use as you design, develop and publish your podcast.
  • Special guest speakers including current podcast producers and voiceover artists.
  • Experience your peer podcasts in a live review and feedback session.
  • Opportunity to contact the instructor with a “30 days later” update for additional feedback, suggestions and guidance.


  • Previous experience with audio recording and/or editing are required.
  • A draft idea for a podcast. 

Technical Needs:

  • Zoom and audio editing software such as Camtasia, Audacity, or Adobe Audition are suggested.
  • We will cover Zencastr and Anchor.fm directly as well as an overview of other available real-world, free podcast resources.
Application Assignments: 
  • There will be a required 1-hour assignment following sessions one, two, and three.

Who Should Attend:  Speakers, presenters, leaders, and learning and development professionals and those from any industry who desire to create a podcast for themselves and/or internal company use.

Course Objectives 

In this certificate, you will learn to:

  • Use podcasts as an alternative to large pieces of written content.
  • Design a podcast that allows you to speak creatively and add value to your intended audience.
  • Sharpen your skills in interviewing, voiceover and audio editing to create a polished podcast episode.
  • Create and publish your own podcast in a sustainable format and begin establishing a valuable library of content.
  • Develop a unique brand and marketing strategy for your podcast.
  • Interact with listeners and experience audience feedback.

Course Materials

Before the certificate you may download your podcaster’s guide containing assignments, examples, checklists, and key points to remember for you to use as you design, develop and publish your podcast. For example, you will

  • Have a podcaster’s guide to help you navigate through this certificate.
  • Have a podcast checklist to help you design, develop and publish your podcast.
  • Receive a podcast design process worksheet providing a step-by-step guide for developing and publishing your podcast.
  • Create your own brand and marketing strategy for your podcast.


Instructional Approach:

  • Live, online presentations
  • Examples and useful checklists
  • Facilitated, online discussion
  • Peer Review exercises
  • Individual project work for immediate application

Session Assignments (Pre-work due before the sessions):

  • Session 1: Complete Podcast Beginnings assignment, record and submit a one minute audio recorded introduction for instructor and peer review.
  • Session 2: Complete Podcast Profile assignment, record and submit a three minute audio segment for instructor and peer review.
  • Session 3: Record and submit a 10 minute audio segment (first draft) for instructor and peer review.
  • Session 4: Complete Marketing and Launch assignment, complete final edits on 10 minute audio segment, publish 10 minute as pilot podcast episode.
  • After the Course: Contact the instructor with a “30 days later” update for additional feedback, suggestions and guidance.

During this certificate, you will participate in the following four (4) sessions:

Session 1: Basics of Podcast Design

  • Review and understand the basics of designing your podcast
  • Determine your concept and find your audience
  • Choose a format and set a tone for your podcast
  • Understand equipment and software requirements
  • Start with a dynamic introduction to your podcast

Session 2: Podcast Content and Delivery

  • Focus in on the content you will cover and how you will deliver it
  • Learn interviewing techniques and how to ask insightful questions to inspire further thought in your listening audience
  • Special guest speaker to talk about applying these concepts to an internal podcast at your company
  • Special guest speaker to talk about proper voice etiquette and other recording hot tips

Session 3: Podcast Peer Reviews and Production

  • Receive direct feedback from instructor and peers on your 10 minute audio segment and learn how to produce and publish your podcast
  • Receive coaching and feedback from instructor and peers
  • Understand editing, production and publishing
  • Determine the cadence of your podcast

Session 4 - Marketing and Launch Campaign

  • Publish your pilot session and create a brand, marketing plan and launch campaign
  • Publish your podcast on anchor.fm
  • Create a draft of your brand and marketing plan, including cadence and platform(s).
  • Create a launch campaign plan to get your podcast known    

Betty Dannewitz





Betty Dannewitz
Founder, CEO , ifyouaskbetty LLC
Betty Dannewitz is the host of the ifyouaskbetty podcast, a regular podcast program about development topics for learning professionals. She is also an Immersive Experience Designer with more than 17 years in corporate learning and development, a speaker, high performance coach and content consultant! Betty’s passion is to help people become better humans and she advocates that innovative technology, such as podcasting, plays a HUGE role in making that happen.

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Course Dates

Session 1: Tuesday, October 8, 2024
Session 2: Tuesday, October 15, 2024
Session 3: Tuesday, October 22, 2024
Session 4: Tuesday, October 29, 2024

Each session is 90 minutes in length

All sessions start at 2.30 pm Eastern Time (New York time). Here is the time of the sessions listed in various time zones:
  • 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Pacific Time (PT)
  • 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Mountain Time (MT)
  • 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Central Time (CT)
  • 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)
For times in other cities, visit Time and Date Converter. All sessions are recorded. In order to earn your Certificate of Completion, you must log in for and participate in each live course and successfully complete any homework assignments by specified deadlines. Recordings of sessions are intended for review purposes only.

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Course Rates

Early Bird Registration 30+ days prior to course start date: $645

Registration within 30 days of course start date: $795

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Course Equipment

IMPORTANT - You'll participate in online and collaborative activities in a number of ways, each designed to provide a unique means to interact and learn from experts and colleagues. All course delivery software operates at Internet connection speeds of 56.6 kbps or better, on PC, Mac and Unix platforms. Courses will use teleconferencing or VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol.) The login instructions emailed to you approximately one week prior to the start of the course will outline platform use as well as any headset requirements or suggestions. Each registrant must provide their own laptop or desktop computer and other equipment (such as a headset, if noted in your login instructions) in order to fully and successfully participate in the course. Please test your login information a minimum of 48 hours in advance on your course start date on the computer you will be using for the course.

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What Others Are Saying

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