ChatGPT for Learning and Development Certificate

A Series of 3 Online Sessions starting October 11, 2024

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  Certificate Overview

Certificate Overview

Join us for this comprehensive course designed specifically for Learning and Development professionals with content and exercises planned to fit your specific needs. This certificate is expertly crafted to transition you from a beginner to a proficient user, fully capable of integrating ChatGPT into your L&D strategies. It will include insightful content and hands-on experience, the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded professionals and the ability to implement what you learn, immediately, which will significantly impact your L&D workflow. Whether you're looking to update your skills or revolutionize your approach to L&D, this certificate is your gateway.

Technical Needs:

A WiFi-enabled laptop or desktop computer that will allow access to websites, such as ChatGPT. (Please check with your IT Department to confirm access is allowed)

Note: Keep in mind when using ChatGPT that it remembers prompt content, so do not input any proprietary data.

Who Should Attend:  This certificate is tailor-made for Learning and Development professionals eager to embrace the transformative power of Generative AI. Whether you're looking to update your skills or revolutionize your approach to L&D, this certificate is your starting point.

Course Objectives

In this certificate, you will gain:

  • Foundational Knowledge: Start from the basics and build a robust understanding of ChatGPT and its capabilities.
  • Practical Applications: Learn to develop and implement GenAI workflow strategies that can significantly enhance your L&D initiatives.
  • Advanced Prompting Tactics: Master the art of crafting effective prompts to maximize the potential of ChatGPT in various learning environments.

Interative Instructional Approach:

  • Hands-on Labs: Use practical, real-world exercises to apply your learning.
  • Lively Discussions: Participate in discussions to share insights and learn from your peers.
  • Q&A Sessions: Have your queries addressed in real-time, ensuring a thorough understanding of the content.

During this certificate, you will participate in the following three (3) sessions:

SESSION 1: Introduction to ChatGPT, Generative AI and Basic Concepts

  • The Starting Line
    • Introduction to the certificate and setting the agenda.
  • AI Revolution Unveiled
    • Overview of the AI revolution and its impact.
  • GenAI Decoded
    • Exploring the basics of generative AI and its implications.
  • Break
  • Language Model Functions
    • Deep dive into how language models function, with examples.

SESSION 2: Mastering Prompts and Beginning Practical Applications

  • Mastering the Freeform Prompt
    • Hands-on exercises on crafting effective
  • Structured Prompts
    • Techniques for creating structured prompts for specific outcomes.
  • Break
  • Structured Prompts (Continued)
    • Additional techniques for creating structured prompts for specific outcomes

SESSION 3: Advanced Prompt Crafting, Bot Building, and GenAI Lab

  • Advanced Prompt Crafting
    • Developing complex prompts for nuanced tasks and responses.
  • Bot Builder's Bootcamp
    • Advanced concepts in building AI-powered bots.
  • Break
  • GenAI Lab
    • Practical session in the GenAI Lab, applying learned concepts.
  • Presentation & Feedback
    • You will present your project, followed by feedback.
  • The Final Lap
    • Conclusion and next steps

Josh Cavalier


Josh Cavalier
Josh is a renowned figure in the field of Learning & Development and an expert in leveraging AI for educational purposes. Josh brings a wealth of experience and insights, ensuring an enriching learning experience.

Course Dates

Course Dates

Session 1: Friday, October 11, 2024
Session 2: Friday, October 18, 2024
Session 3: Friday, October 25, 2024
RAIN DATE: Friday, November 1, 2024
The 'Rain Date' is a date to reserve on your calendar. It will be used in the unlikely event that an earlier session can not run as planned due to technical difficulties or a speaker emergency. 

Each session is three hours in length.

All sessions start at 11:00 am Eastern Time (New York time). Here is the time of the sessions listed in various time zones:
  • 8:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific Time (PT)
  • 9:00 pm - 12:00 noon Mountain Time (MT)
  • 10:00 pm - 1:00 pm Central Time (CT)
  • 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)
For times in other cities, visit Time & Date Converter. All sessions are recorded. In order to earn your Certificate of Completion, you must log in for and participate in each live course and successfully complete any homework assignments by specified deadlines. Recordings of sessions are intended for review purposes only.

 Course Rates

Course Rates

Early Bird Registration 30+ days prior to course start date: $845

Registration within 30 days of course start date: $995

Train as a Team and Save!
For questions on group discounts, visit fees & discounts.

Course Equipment

Course Equipment

IMPORTANT - You'll participate in online and collaborative activities in a number of ways, each designed to provide a unique means to interact and learn from experts and colleagues. All course delivery software operates at Internet connection speeds of 56.6 kbps or better, on PC, Mac and Unix platforms. Courses will use teleconferencing or VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol.) The login instructions emailed to you approximately one week prior to the start of the course will outline platform use as well as any headset requirements or suggestions. Each registrant must provide their own laptop or desktop computer and other equipment (such as a headset, if noted in your login instructions) in order to fully and successfully participate in the course. Please test your login information a minimum of 48 hours in advance on your course start date on the computer you will be using for the course.


What Others are Saying

What Others Are Saying

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This program has been approved for a maximum of 9 points. 

Certificate         eBadge

Certificate of Completion and eBadge

After successfully completing your certificate program, you will receive a professionally produced Certificate of Completion and an eBadge. eBadges are transforming how your hard-earned achievements are recognized, shared and rewarded. You can showcase eBadges in your email signature or on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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