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Certificate Overview

Certificate Overview

With limited budgets and a sudden shift to remote technologies, progressive companies are relying more on frontline leaders to take on the roles of coaching and training. Yet these frontline leaders are already faced with time constraints and increased job demands, so the old concept of train-the-frontline leader as trainer no longer works. In this certificate course, you'll explore a simplified model to train frontline leaders as learning catalysts or accelerators who use experience, critical thinking and problem solving to enhance the manner and speed teams and co-workers learn. Techniques discussed will include actual work situations such as conversations and troubleshooting as well as the newest methods of consequence thinking, risk analysis, experimentation, results analysis to reduce costs and improve profits and more. 

Bonus Items:

You'll receive the following ready to use resources: 
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant’s Guide
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • 25 ready-to-use Thinking Tools
  • 6 Exercises in critical analysis and problem-solving
  • 5 Case Videos
  • 10 Idea Videos
  • Fix-Solve-Improve Thinking Cards and Posters (The cards and poster will be mailed to you. Other materials may be downloaded from the session website.)
SPECIAL BONUS! Project Feedback with Mentoring and Quick Mentoring Sessions 

Mentor Supported Projects
You will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will review your projects, provide comments, and feedback.
Past participants rated the Mentor Supported Projects as one of the highlights in applying their learning!

Quick Mentoring Sessions 
Should you have specific interest areas or challenges with your work application, you may join small group 30-minute sessions with Ray Jimenez and mentors. The Quick Mentor sessions are small intimate conversations.
The schedule of the session will be announced during the certificate.

Fix-Solve-Improve Learning Model

You must be familiar and involved in eLearning and principles and concepts of digital learning, which means learning using software and the Internet.

Each online session lasts two (2) hours. You should also plan for one (1) hour of self-directed application work following each session. The application period is intended for you to apply your ideas to your own content. You will be required to submit small exercise documents to the course instructor which translate your ideas into actual actions.

Who Should Attend:  
This non-traditional certificate is designed for trainers, designers, and L&D and operations professionals who have the need to implement leadership development programs for frontline leaders. The trainers attending this certificate will learn to train using a simplified model that is intended to help new, upcoming, and high-potential frontline leaders.  

Course Objectives:

In this certificate, you will learn to:

  • Understand today’s business climate and its new demands on trainers, designers and L&D leaders.
  • Improve your skills and knowledge to help frontline leaders become learning accelerators - critical thinkers and problem solvers with their work and experience.
  • Increase the capacities of frontline leaders to  help their team members perform on the job.
  • Train frontline leaders on the newest methods in consequence thinking, risk analysis, troubleshooting, experimentation, results analysis to reduce cost and improve profits.
  • Apply new techniques to train frontline leaders in analytical skills to improve decision making, and arrive at better results.
  • Scale the frontline leaders’ capacities to think about how to deal with unknown, uncertain and unpredictable work conditions.
  • Immediately obtain ready-to-use training kit, templates, videos, resources, flash cards, and exercises to implement the course on “Learning Accelerators” design for frontline leaders.

Instructional Approach: 
The sessions are designed for application at work. You will be required to test and experiment the learning principles in actual work conditions. There will be opportunities for you to involve some of your peers and leaders from inside your organization.

During this certificate, we will cover the following topics:

The New World of Frontline Leaders

  • Differentiating the traditional role of trainers and the role of learning accelerators.
  • Adjusting to the demands for resiliency, rapid response, and agility.
  • Thinking as catalysts/accelerators to help teams and co-workers become critical thinkers and problem-solvers.
  • Getting your frontline leaders in the “get-it-done” mode: reducing costs, increasing speed, etc.
  • Enhancing skills to constantly leverage the “fix-solve-improve work” model - a simplified critical thinking and problem solving framework.
  • Training frontline leaders to accelerate “fix-solve-improve work” capabilities.

Work Diagnostic Reviews

  • Understanding the role of the learning accelerator as discoverer of work issues.
  • Determining where it all starts: observation of changes, future and immediate, at work.
  • Discovering deviations from goals and standards, failures, near misses, accidents, errors, etc.
  • Diagnosing problems and issues at work.
  • Anticipating problems with consequence thinking and risk analysis.
  • Analyzing what the data reveals.
  • Using critical analysis, troubleshooting, and problem-solving as learning methods.

Finding Answers

  • Understanding the role of the learning accelerators in finding and providing answers.
  • Knowing the best sources of answers and solutions.
  • Learning to find, search, network, and source answers.
  • Avoiding instructions, encouraging discovery and exploration, learning by doing work.
  • Establishing trusted networks of a few peers.
  • Co-creating answers from stakeholders, customers, teams and others.
  • Using software and platforms to accelerate team co-learning and collaboration.

Experimentation and Testing

  • Understanding the role of the learning accelerator in experimentation, tests and trial and errors.
  • Knowing when and how to test answers and solutions.
  • Applying the “fix-solve-improve work” thinking process.
  • Using the principles of beta, mock-ups and mini-projects.
  • Conducting fail-safe trial and error.
  • Experimenting multiple approaches to test solutions.
  • Using trial and error and testing as learning moments.

Feedback and Analytics

  • Understanding the role of the learning accelerator in seeking feedback.
  • Comprehending what data means to work results.
  • Learning when tests and experimentation fail or succeed.
  • Knowing when to repeat the process.
  • Scaling capacities of frontline leaders to think beyond the obvious problems.
  • Using feedback and data analysis as learning moments.

Frontline Leaders as Learning Accelerators

  • Learning how to use the “fix-improve-solve” thinking model as a coaching guide.
  • Delivering coaching and learning in the flow of work and in huddles.
  • Accelerating ”training” into a form of conversation.
  • Transitioning from trainer to problem-solver coach.
  • Helping frontline leaders to be accelerators of learning while in the workflow.

Ray Jimenez


Ray Jimenez
Author, 3-Minute e-Learning

Course Dates

Course Dates

Session 1:
 There are no remaining 2023 dates
Session 2: There are no remaining 2023 dates
Session 3: There are no remaining 2023 dates
RAIN DATE: There are no remaining 2023 dates

Each online session lasts two (2) hours. You should also plan for one (1) hour of self-directed application work following each session. The application period is intended for you to apply your ideas to your own content. You will be required to submit small exercise documents to the course instructor which translate your ideas into actual actions.

All sessions start at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (New York time). Here is the time of the sessions listed in various time zones:
  • 10:00 am - 12:00 noon Pacific Time (PT)
  • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Mountain Time (MT)
  • 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm Central Time (CT)
  • 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)
For times in other cities, visit Time and Date Converter. All sessions are recorded. In order to earn your Certificate of Completion, you must log in for and participate in each live course and successfully complete any homework assignments by specified deadlines. Recordings of sessions are intended for review purposes only.

Course Rates

Course Rates

Early Bird Registration 30+ days prior to course start date: $645

Registration within 30 days of course start date: $795

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For questions on group discounts, visit fees and discounts.

Course Equipment

Course Equipment

IMPORTANT - You'll participate in online and collaborative activities in a number of ways, each designed to provide a unique means to interact and learn from experts and colleagues. All course delivery software operates at Internet connection speeds of 56.6 kbps or better, on PC, Mac and Unix platforms. Courses will use teleconferencing or VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol.) The login instructions emailed to you approximately one week prior to the start of the course will outline platform use as well as any headset requirements or suggestions. Each registrant must provide their own laptop or desktop computer and other equipment (such as a headset, if noted in your login instructions) in order to fully and successfully participate in the course. Please test your login information a minimum of 48 hours in advance on your course start date on the computer you will be using for the course.

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Certificate         eBadge

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