2022 Registration Fees for Certificate Courses

Regular registration fees can be viewed beneath each certificate course title here

Discounts for Certificate Courses

One discount code per attendee. Discount offers are for new registrations only. The discount code must be entered and applied on the Registration 'Review' page, PRIOR to completing your registration. We do not give refunds for discount codes after final payment has been made. If you don’t see the discount showing, click the ‘Back’ button OR continue as a ‘Balance Due’ payment option and Email us or call us at 847.620.4486 (9am-6pm Eastern; Monday-Friday). Show Management reviews all registrations and will contact anyone using a code who does not qualify.

Discount Type
Discount and Code
Early Bird Discount 
Save even more with our organizational, topic and group discounts (see details below.)

$150 Discount

Code: Automatic - no code needed.

Academic Institutions
For those employed by Universities, Colleges, Public and Private School districts.

10% Discount

Code: TCAS

Government & Military Personnel
For those employed by Federal, State, and Local government offices and agencies OR military personnel serving one of the five branches of the armed forces. Discount is for the government branch paying for the registration.
10% Discount

Code: TCGM
Non-Profits (501c) such as Associations and Not-For Profits  
For Charities which rely on public/private donations for funding. 

10% Discount

Code: Contact us with your URL prior to registering for code.

Groups of 3 to 8 Attendees
You may register as a group OR each person may register and pay individually. 
Please note, this discount is not valid retroactively. Code must be entered prior to payment.
10% Discount

Code: TCET
Groups of 9 or More

15% Discount

Code: Contact us for a discount code before registering.

Include your name, company, potential group size and the title of the certificate in which you are interested.

Articulate Storyline Discount
Individuals who register for both the 2022 Articulate Storyline Fundamentals Certificate and Articulate Storyline for Next Level Design Certificates at the same time.
$100 Total Discount

Code: TCAT


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