Training Manager Certificate: Achieving Organizational Impact

A Series of 3 Online Sessions Starting April 6, 2021!

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Certificate Overview

Certificate Overview

This certificate shows you how to build and manage a training department that produces measurable improvement to employee job performance and organizational results and gives you the skills to raise the profile of your department. Learn how to align your training function with the needs of your organization by providing cost-effective, first-class training. Receive numerous tools and resources to assist you in managing every aspect of the training function from planning, needs analysis, and instructional design to delivery, evaluation, and staffing. The blended approach in this certificate combines three synchronous sessions with off-line, self-paced activities.

You will spend approximately nine (9) hours live and online learning how to manage all critical aspects of the training function. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the content, ask questions, and network and share ideas with the other training managers in your certificate. An additional five (5) hours will be required for pre-course work, intersession assignments, and post-course work.

Bonus Items:
You’ll receive a 150+ page workshop manual filled with checklists, worksheets, assessments, tips, and guidelines for planning, needs analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation, along with a supplemental guide with tools, competency assessments, and development plans to help you staff a highly effective training team. In addition, you’ll receive a Training Needs Analysis e-learning module that gives you a faster needs analysis approach that is realistic in today’s climate, as well as an Evaluation e-learning module that will allow you to plan your evaluation at all four levels. You’ll also get a copy of the Fundamentals of Virtual Classroom Design guide to help get your team started with live online training.

Earn CEUs!
You will receive 1.4 continuing education units (CEUs) from Langevin Learning Services when you successfully complete this certificate course (14 contact hours). Ten contact hours equal one CEU. For questions on CEUs, please contact us.

There are no prerequisites. 

Who Should Attend:
This certificate is for training managers (with or without a staff) who need to learn the basics of establishing and running a training department.




Marsha Weisleder
Certified Master Trainer, Langevin Learning Services





Course Objectives

Course Objectives

In this certificate you will learn to:

  • Write a mission statement for the training function.
  • Translate your organization’s strategic objectives into training department objectives.
  • Establish policies to focus training activities and guide decision-making.
  • Create strategic and operational training plans.
  • Manage the needs analysis process.
  • Select the most appropriate training strategies.
  • Manage the design of training programs.
  • Deal with instructional design challenges.
  • Prioritize course content to meet tight deadlines.
  • Manage the delivery of training programs.
  • Coach trainers to higher levels of performance.
  • Manage the course evaluation process.
  • Develop a highly effective training team.



A Series of 3 Sessions
You will spend approximately nine (9) hours live and online learning how to manage all critical aspects of the training function. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the content, ask questions, and network and share ideas with the other training managers in your certificate. An additional 5 hours will be required for pre-course work, intersession assignments, and post-course work.

Session 1

  • 7-step process for setting the strategic direction of the training function.
  • How to match your department’s mission statement to the organization’s mission statement.
  • How to align training and organizational goals.
  • Tips for dealing with senior management.
  • A simple bottom-up approach to forecasting training needs.
  • An easy-to-use course audit checklist.
  • How to manage an effective needs analysis process.
  • How to pinpoint a true training need.
  • How to conduct a solid cost-benefit analysis.

Session 2

  • Guidelines for selecting the best training strategy: traditional, e-learning, or both?
  • Over 40 criteria for assessing virtual platform engagement.
  • Detailed worksheets to help you select an e-learning authoring tool and learning management system (LMS).
  • How to deal with the biggest design challenges.
  • A step-by-step procedure for estimating course design time.
  • Industry-accepted design time ratios for both traditional and e-learning strategies.
  • Short-cuts when deadlines are tight.
  • Tips, tools, and techniques for assessing instructional design deliverables.
  • How to deal with scope creep.
  • 20 tips to minimize the challenges of working with subject-matter experts (SMEs).
  • Tools to assess your e-learning training strategies.
  • Tips for making a “build versus buy” decision.
  • A comprehensive course effectiveness checklist.
  • A detailed engagement validation checklist for synchronous e-learning courses.

Session 3

  • How to manage and develop top-notch instructional designers.
  • How to record, track, and assess instructor performance.
  • The most common instructor problems and how to correct them.
  • A coaching action plan to deal with performance issues.
  • 14 proven coaching interventions.
  • Detailed feedback forms for both instructors and virtual facilitators.
  • How to assess instructor burnout potential.
  • How to develop your staff’s competencies.
  • Tips for selecting the best designers, instructors, and virtual classroom producers.
  • A realistic approach to managing the evaluation process.
  • How to secure organizational support from executives and employees.
  • A decision matrix for selecting data collection instruments.
  • How to build your staff’s skills and confidence in evaluation techniques.
  • A checklist for planning a successful evaluation.
  • How to monitor your department’s effectiveness (even if you’re not a training expert).

Throughout the certificate, you’ll have the opportunity to work on real-life examples including writing or revising the mission statement and policies for your training department. You’ll also apply the concepts being discussed to two different case studies. You’ll minimize your design challenges and coach your trainers to a higher level of performance. Return to work ready to implement your action plan.

Course Dates

Course Dates

Register Early! Limited to 15 participants!


  • Session 1: Tuesday, April 6, 2021
  • Session 2: Wednesday, April 7, 2021
  • Session 3:Thursday, April 8, 2021

Each session is 3 hours in length:

All sessions start at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (New York time). Here is the time of the sessions listed in various time zones:

  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Pacific Time (PT)
  • 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Mountain Time (MT)
  • 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Central Time (CT)
  • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)

For times in other cities, visit this link. All sessions are recorded. In order to earn your Certificate of Completion, you must log in for and participate in each live course and successfully complete any homework assignments by specified deadlines. Recordings of sessions are intended for review purposes only.

Course Rates

2021 Course Rates

Register Early. Course size is limited.

  • Early-Bird Registration 30+ days prior to the course start date: $1,245
  • Registration within 30 days of the course start date: $1,395

Train as a Team and Save!
For questions on group discounts please go here.

Course Equipment

Course Equipment

IMPORTANT - You'll participate in online and collaborative activities in a number of ways, each designed to provide a unique means to interact and learn from experts and colleagues. All course delivery software operates at Internet connection speeds of 56.6 kbps or better, on PC, Mac and Unix platforms. Courses will use teleconferencing or VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol.) The login instructions emailed to you approximately one week prior to the start of the course will outline platform use as well as any headset requirements or suggestions. Each registrant must provide their own laptop or desktop computer and other equipment (such as a headset, if indicated in your login instructions) in order to fully and successfully participate in the course. Please test your login information a minimum of 48 hours in advance on your course start date on the computer you will be using for the course.


Certificate of Completion and eBadge

After successfully completing your online certificate course, you will receive a professionally produced Certificate of Completion and an eBadge. eBadges are transforming how your hard-earned achievements are recognized, shared and rewarded. You can showcase eBadges in your email signature or on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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